The Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of the Parish Priest, the Assistant Priest, the Parish Deacon and lay members represently different aspects of Parish life. The Council meets about once every five to six weeks.

Parich Council Minutes

The Present Members are:
Fr Stephen Patterson
Fr Peter Randall
Deacon Bill Adams
Patrick Rooney
Kizito Birabwa
Roy Carter
Brenda Chesworth
Joan Cragg
Ged Cunningham
Maria Hall
Monica Holdsworth
(to be appointed)

Luigi Possamai
Shirley Russo                                       

Gary Woods
Parish Priest
Assistant Priest
Parish Deacon
Bookshop & Church Flowers
Faith & Justice Group
Liturgy & Musicians
Children's Liturgy
Proclaimers of the Word &
Ministers of Holy Communion
Young families & Minutes Secretary
Parish Centre