Old Contacts

Contact Information

Parish Administrator

Ms. Chris Lloyd

email: stwilfridspa@gmail.com

phone: 01772 554396

hours: Mon-Fri 9.00am-4.00pm

Parish Priest

Fr. Peter A. Randall SJ

email: prandallsj@jesuit.org.uk

phone: 01772 554365

Superior of the Jesuit community

Fr. Paul Fletcher SJ

email: paulmfletchersj@gmail.com

Assistant Priest

Fr. Michael Ashworth SJ

email: mashworthsj@yahoo.com

Priest in Residence

Fr. David Gornall SJ

Priest in Residence

Fr. Paddy Connors SJ

Website Team

David Cape: webadmin@s683570316.websitehome.co.uk, or caped34@gmail.com

Ian Barke

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