Students at St Wilfrid’s.

You’ve arrived at this part of the website, so you are probably a student, or somebody wanting to know about student involvement, or ministry to students in the parish. Welcome!

Making contact.

If you are a student newly arrived in Preston, do make yourself known to the priests. There’s usually one or two present before and after Sunday Masses. Giving your name and contact details helps keep up the flow of updates and coming events.

Gathering with the parish.

Over the past couple of years there have been about 14 students present at Mass on any given Sunday. They may not realise it, but their presence makes a difference to the rest of the parish, and it is everyone’s hope that this parish community and church will make a difference to the students that choose to come to Mass, or prayer, in whatever form. Look around at a Sunday Mass (including the musicians/singers) and you will see an international group of students from all over the world.

Time to be together.

Each year the student group will of course be different, so in September or early October there’s a gathering to meet and welcome the new arrivals. That’s also the time to start thinking about the events to come. We’ve had lots of shared meals, quite a few films, some walks near and far, discussions, and we’ve even done some praying! Our gatherings are mostly in the Parish Centre, using either the entrance from opposite the doors of the church, or through the door of No. 1, Chapel Street. Both lead to different parts of the same building, depending on what’s available and what kind of space is best suited to our activity.

Ministry to students.

There are no formal Catholic ministries on the campus of UCLan, but the Bishop is very much in favour of that service being offered in our parishes. St Wilfrid’s is one of the parishes well placed to do that.
Pastoral care in conversations and in the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available from those priests you see celebrating Mass on Sundays, but there are one or two other priests in the Jesuit community, should you prefer to talk with a little more anonymity.

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The coordinator of ministry to students and activities undertaken by students is Fr Peter Randall SJ.

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