General activities.

Consider yourself invited to whatever you see in the Newsletter. While there are some events specifically for students, it is important to say that we are one parish community, and we benefit from each other.
The choir and our musicians have been bolstered consistently from students joining their ranks. The ministries of Reader, Minister of Holy Communion, and Altar Server are all options for students, once an application has been made and accepted by the Parish Priest. On the wider front, have a look through this website at the opportunities to join different groups, and that will open opportunities for different kinds of pastoral engagement.
Beyond the parish but still within Preston there are ecumenical events, inter faith events, community welfare projects, green projects, etc. At St Wilfrid’s we won’t have all the answers and contacts, but we can put you in touch with others who will be sources of further contact with others.


Visiting and Volunteering away.

If you are an international student you may wish to see different parts of the UK . What about a group effort to visit with others from St Wilfrid’s?
You may want to see this country from a different viewpoint, and both learn and contribute. Although your campus advisors will have volunteer opportunities to offer, there may be other faith / social welfare/ environment based projects that are known to parish staff.
There are of course faith based opportunities outside of the UK, but some international students will need to be prepared for a long visa process. Apply in good time so you don’t have last minute problems before you leave.

The coordinator of ministry to students and activities undertaken by students is Fr Peter Randall SJ.

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